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Along with the reason provided in art. 509 par. (1) (1) of the Code of Civil Procedure, the reason for the review discussed in this article is perhaps the most common in practice due to multiple interpretative possibilities, but also because it is apparently much more accessible than the other grounds for review, which are more rigid in interpretation. In the majority of cases, however, reviewers are basically trying to resume the fund by invoking a seemingly new document that does not meet the requirements of the law to underpin the review of a judgment.

Cover article: Reviewing in case of discovering new documents. Conditions and practical applicability
by Victor Cochirleanu, Senior Associate Voicu & Filipescu

Legislative Retrospective

Voicu & Filipescu is a full service law firm, covering all legal areas relevant to your company’s activity. This issue of our monthly newsletter provides you with a brief description of some of the recent legal amendments in:

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Get ahead legal changes with our guide on legislative projects and find out which one of the turmoil of legislative amendments is more likely to affect your business and how. Read in this issue of Drafts in Laws about draft laws in the following areas:

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