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The price of used water and its unjustified and non-transparent increase is one of the most debated issues in recent years by hydroelectric power plant operators and, in particular, by micro-hydropower operators, with a major impact especially in the context of the change in the support scheme for green energy and blockage in the green certificates market

Cover article: Price of water in hydro power plants - what’s next, legislative changes or infringement against Romania?
by by Carmen Duțescu, Managing Associate Voicu & Filipescu

Legislative Retrospective

Voicu & Filipescu is a full service law firm, covering all legal areas relevant to your company’s activity. This issue of our monthly newsletter provides you with a brief description of some of the recent legal amendments in:

Drafts in Laws:

Get ahead legal changes with our guide on legislative projects and find out which one of the turmoil of legislative amendments is more likely to affect your business and how. Read in this issue of Drafts in Laws about draft laws in the following areas:

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